tapleigh niethamer

owner, Strategic Marketing Consultant

With over 15 years of experience, Tapped in Marketing is a woman-owned business founded to help organizations think deeply about their unique purpose, create compelling content and proliferate innovation and knowledge in a positive way. The cornerstone of these efforts is to create lasting, authentic connections with customers to help businesses achieve more.

Tapleigh Niethamer is a multi-disciplined marketer who has led numerous high-impact initiatives in marketing strategy, communications, campaign and content development, product launch and partner engagement. With a wide range of industry experience centered around technology-enabled markets, Tapleigh delivers modern, creative solutions that target the best audience to maximize value and sales impact.

Using a professional approach to managing relationships, critical thinking, and project management, Tapleigh brings an authentic voice to problem-solving with a passion for pinpointing trends into strategic recommendations that deliver concrete results.


Tapleigh Niethamer

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